Posted by: clintworley | March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday EQ!!!

Here is a Timeline that the marketing folks put together that outlines the major milestones in EQ‘s history. It also makes a great wallpaper!

EverQuest Timeline

~ Clint “Jourdian” Worley
Producer, EverQuest

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  1. Great graphic! Thanks!

  2. has taken this image and made it into several resolutions that can be used for backgrounds!

  3. I distinctly remember buying my entry into Everquest with a combination Rise of Kunark and Velious expansions together.

    It utterly stuns of what I have seen and done in MMOs in the last seven years. I remember my first foray’s into Norrath, which seems like ages ago, and how now jaded I have become with graphics.

    I wish I could harken back to those times when I first played my barbarian warrior and marveled at +2 rings of Stamina and wondering what those ghostly apparitions were that followed the gnomes around (water elementals).

  4. Might of missed it but I did not see the launch of the Stormhammer server:(

  5. I do believe the 1.0 epics were before velious. All the components (at least for monk) are in kunark/original, nothing in Velious.

  6. I absolutely love this, my new wallpaper. Makes you think how long ago it was when it started, and it’s still going :D (I just wish eq products were still as easy to find in stores as they were years ago.)

    No other Mmorpg holds a fondness in my heart like EQ. Over the years I’ve taken several breaks but I always come back to EQ, very glad it’s still there to come home to after all these years.

    Happy Birthday Everquest!!!

  7. Love to see a date on this showing EQPLAYERS repaired and functional.

  8. I’ve been on EQ sine 03 and the one big thing i wish SOE would add is a Classic Server.

    Enignok from Povar server

  9. This is my new wallpaper!! Like Jatkins, I’ve taken breaks from EQ(one as long as 3 yrs)…but have come back to see actual upgrades and some disappointments…still love the game, though and always will!!


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