Posted by: SOE | February 12, 2010

Valentine’s Day Message from the EverQuest Producer

Where did January go? Lately, the days just seem to fly by. In the past two months, we launched our 16th expansion, Underfoot, spent some time away for the holidays, said hello to a new decade and stood in line with everyone else to see Avatar.

There’s no escaping it; the New Year is here and we can’t get caught watching the paint dry.

This week’s Marketplace items are exploding with LOVE!

There’s a game update this week so let me get you caught up on what’s happening. For all you love birds out there, we’ve got a few items coming your way through the Marketplace. Now it’s not a requirement to be smitten by anyone in particular in order to purchase these items but it wouldn’t hurt.

For those that haven’t purchased anything from the Marketplace before, we’ve even put up an item that everyone can use, whether or not you have a special someone this Valentine’s Day. To top it off, it won’t cost you anything (for a limited time). So enjoy the “Shot of Love” from us – and no, that’s not a reality show on MTV. It will help you find that special someone and will help you to let them know you’re interested in them—but don’t squander the opportunity, the free item will only be available for a couple of days (Friday February 12 through Monday February 15). After that it will be back on sale, for those guys that always forget about the holiday and have to drive all over town just to get out of the dog house.

Anyone looking to get married?

We’re very understanding of couples that can’t find the right venue for their wedding, so we’ve offered the Light and Dark Wedding Packs at a considerably lower price during this festive time of year.  Who are we to stand in the way of love? It will find a way…

We’ve got a few more items you’ll enjoy, so take a look at the Ornamentations and other items designed with your romantic feelings in mind.

What can you do for person that doesn’t need love in their life? Well, we haven’t forgotten about you. Just last week, we launched more Vampire Ornamentations. This will be just perfect if you’re known more for biting your neighbors than sending them a candy-gram. Enjoy!

Rare mob spawns are more apparent this weekend!

Starting on Friday, you’ll notice that rare mobs will spawn more frequently than they have in the past. This will be in effect from Friday through Monday of next week (February 12 through 15) so get your friends together—you’ve got more chances at the brass ring this weekend!

Zatozia will host a special Valentine’s Ustream event at 1:00pm on Friday, February 12th with the rest of the Community Team… so tune in have a great weekend!

March Update

Next month we will be hitting our 11th Anniversary for EverQuest!!! Woot! I know where I was 11 years ago – Where were you? We’ll have to get Zat to collect your feedback on your initial steps into EverQuest way back then. I know we’ve got a few stories we can share with you… it should be pretty interesting.

Next month we will launch some new content and features for the Anniversary, turning on some previous content while giving it a twist and packing anything else in there that we can think of.

We’ll have more details about March and what is to come after, very soon.

Thanks for stopping by to read this.

See you in game!

~ Thom “Phathom” Terrazas
Producer, EverQuest

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